Leveraging Technology to Maximize Client Outcomes

Technology that works

As the premier choice for private non-profit organizations seeking specialized client intake systems, we offer solutions that make a difference. We’ve optimized our platform for use on desktops, tablets and a multitude of other mobile devices so users can safely access our services from work, on a home visit or anywhere in between. NIFCAP, our #1 selling platform, is widely regarded by as one of the most advanced, productive paperless systems in use today.

NIFCAP’s reporting platform allows you to create and track data in REAL TIME. Users have the ability to monitor and share results instantly, track data by geographical areas, input data through bar code scanners, validate addresses against the USPS database, visualize data with dynamic charts and graphs… and so much more.

Use our system to identify patterns and trends, ensure program compliance while streamlining your business practices.

Contact us to see how we can supercharge your agency management!

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Agency Feedback

"Always on the cutting edge and making things easier for clients to get information that they need."

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We hear you

We offer a wide range of collaborative support and software updates based on your needs.

From the initial usage of a new customer to the daily entry from the most seasoned end user, we believe your opinion matters. Your feedback is the most useful tool we have to ensure you can impact the most lives. That’s why we offer enhancements and updates determined by YOU!

Our support team is available by phone or online to walk you through each step of the learning process. Our training sessions and materials make it easy to learn and operate for even the least computer-savvy members of your team.

Our first priority is YOU! We listen and fine tune our products to fit your needs with periodic updates and enhancements. We are constantly learning, adapting to regulation standards, and creating new technologies within our platform.

We stay up-to-date with the regulatory needs in your sector to ensure reporting requirements are met. Through continual product development, we adapt and grow products to keep your organization in touch, in “the loop,” and compliant. Spend more time serving your clients and less time worrying about automated processes.

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Agency Feedback

"You make us all feel like we are your number one client"

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Simple to operate

Why choose Osis, inc.? We strive to make functionality QUICK and EASY. By eliminating time consuming tasks of duplicate data entries, we help maximize client outcomes! Some other helpful features include:

  • Our user-friendly design is easy-to-learn, flexible, and helps agencies improve service delivery.
  • We ensure staff can provide their best possible service to clients with collaborative workflow tools like reminders and automated cues.
  • Through proven tools like Data Warehousing and Driver’s License Scanning, agencies can consolidate multiple forms of communication into ONE and get things done faster.
  • We provide industry-tested case management systems that support your mission and adapt to your needs.

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Agency Feedback

"The application is easy to navigate. Paperless applications allow all staff to view the file instead of having someone at our main office locate it."

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About Osis, Inc.

Rising from the need for an advanced way to track client data, Open Source Information Systems (Osis, Inc.) was founded in 2002 by a software developer working at a local private non-profit. Centrally located in the heart of Iowa, Osis is only a little over an hour away from six major cities. This critical understanding of both rural and urban communities propelled Osis to early success. Today, we are the premier choice for private non-profit organizations seeking specialized client intake systems.

Our flagship product, called NIFCAP, is used by food pantries and Community Action Agencies throughout the state. NIFCAP’s strength comes from the diversity of its client base. Organizations ranging in size from the smallest agency, serving 3,000 households a year, to the largest, serving 1,500 or more families a week, have found our technologies indispensable in helping to achieve goals and streamline processes.

NIFCAP is widely regarded as one of the most advanced paperless systems in use today. We believe that “advanced” means our technologies are collaborative, productive and easy to use. NIFCAP’s secure web-based portal, which was built with a thorough understanding of a private non-profit’s unique needs, features extensive auditing and drill down capabilities unlike anything else on the market today.

Through an inclusive, on-going developmental process, we enable our clients to be better equipped to accomplish their work. Osis’s strength and reputation comes from helping organizations maximize client outcomes. Together, we serve one common mission: Improving the lives of those we serve in the community.